Anamorphic !! – Rehoused Lomo set is here !

Check out our new anamorphic lenses !

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.38.36 AM

Our rehoused Lomo set is finally complete! This Rehoused Round Front Lomo Anamorphic set allows for a new level of sophistication and speed while achieving an amazing cinematic look. Unique blue flares and organic aberrations are second to none over modern sensors.

This set is a welcome addition to one of the largest and most varied collection of lenses in the state. These lenses give a distinctive oval bokeh to background light and gorgeous subtlety to differences in light intensity. They also have half the depth of field of comparable spherical lenses. Therefore, working in tandem with any of our RED cameras allowing us to capture beautiful shots for any project.

Each lens is hand polished and shaped giving them each their own unique look and flare complexity.

For those who love gorgeous flares and a softer cinematic look to images, the Lomo Anamorphics simply can’t be beat.

Thus, we couldn’t be happier to have these tools in our kit now.

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