Seventy 7 Productions

Detroit, Michigan Based Production Company

We are proud to be a Detroit production company. Our appetite for mind-blowing production is voracious. Entrust us with your creative vision and we will descend upon the piece with a tenacity that is completely unmatched. From exclusive equipment to a relentless need to achieve perfection in every shot, we dare you to find someone else who delivers cinematic quality like we do.

Our capabilities include production (broadcast commercial, short & long form social content, aerial photography, etc.), 360/VR, post production and production services. While our services are scalable for projects of all varying sizes and scopes, our innate need to see your jaw hit the floor never ceases.

When it comes to your vision being translated to film, there is a huge level of trust. Not just trusting it will look great, but also trusting that the process is seamless, the details are granular and no obstacle will prove to be insurmountable. In the end, when you’re looking for production that stands far above the rest, there can be only one.


Director / Producer

Nora Urbanski

Nora has been with Seventy 7 Productions from the very beginning as a Producer. Also an award winning documentary filmmaker, her producing skills are second to none. Whether it is a last minute helicopter shot, a polar bear, death defying effects coordination, or closing down a downtown street Nora gets it done with grace and ease. Nora has been part of the production team putting together music videos for B.o.B. ft Nicki Minaj and Big Sean ft Kanye West. Nora received her MA at Wayne State University.

Nora's Directorial Work
Digital Producer / DP

Chris Winston

Chris has vast experience with digital origination formats. As a DP and Digital Producer, Chris brings this unique understanding of the tools and production experience to every project to craft sharp pieces. He has shot for General Motors, Sharper Image, Emagine, Preferred Realtors and Detroit Manufacturing Systems to name a few. Chris's aesthetic and understanding of the tools and process give him a well rounded pool of knowledge and pragmatic approach for not just results but final products that look great! He is excited to bring his particular skill set and southern charm to every project.

Editor/Mograph Artist

Gabrielle Paulina-Hamill

Meet Gabby, the fabulous Editor/Mograph Artist extraordinaire! When she’s not immersed in her editing suite, you might catch her plotting her next international journey. And while she's a virtuoso in editing and motion design, Gabby also carries the tenacity of a former rugby player from Michigan State University.