Camera Car

Detroit Camera Car - Motocrane Ultra #001
Detroit camera car options just got a little more fun! What if there was a 12ft arm that rotated 360 degrees and could be put on any vehicle – wonder no more!
When we saw Motocrane had a new rig in process, the Ultra, we knew we had to have the first one – #001.
Every shoot has its own unique needs, sometimes it is a need for speed on a track, multiple days of running footage, or even taking the road less traveled –  the Motocrane Ultra is a customizable rig for any vehicle to meet all production needs.
The rig even breaks down into cases that are ready to travel by air and can be built on any vehicle in 30 minutes or less!
Spare no expense, that’s our philosophy…so, we built it on something fast! Our primary vehicle has a flat black wrap, blacked out rims, tint, covers for the headlights, etc.

This is a game changer – flexibility, value and limitless creative potential