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Unicorn in the stable

Cooke Double Speed Panchro

– The Cooke Double Speeds are so rare that they are debated on even existing in some circles. Little is known about them other than that they are mostly lost to time.


This vintage lens was made from a series designed for Vista Vision – The Double Speed.   The new Cooke Panchros don’t really have the magic of the classic Cooke Panchros. Beside that, so many amazing lenses weren’t designed with larger formats in mind. It was difficult to find good glass alternatives to use with 4:3 sensors, Vista Vision sensors and beyond (Arri XT, Arri LF, and Monstro). After all, what’s the point of an amazing new sensor, if you can’t have an amazing lens on it.


Utilized on a large format sensor it has a bigger field of view (you might think of as a 32mm) and the depth of field of a 50mm. Combine this with the classic look from the Cooke Panchros and you have something pretty special.


This was rehoused by TLS (True Lens Service) in the UK in a Cooke S4 style housing. It was the first 50mm Double Speed they made a housing for.


This rare lens is a beauty!


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