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Cooke DuoPanchro Set!

Cooke DuoPanchro: 30mm, 40mm, and 55mm!!

The only complete Cooke Duopanchro set in the world? – sure looking that way!

These vintage lenses in the style of the Panchro were made for 65mm format!

The full Cooke Duopanchro set consists of a 30, 40, 55. The mm reflects the coverage on 35mm Academy but when they cover larger sensors (like 65mm) they reflect a field of view twice as wide. https://www.seventy7productions.com/camera-light-grip-rental/

The benefit is simple – (1) amazingly wide field of view with a shallower depth of field (similar in some ways to Anamorphic). Additionally, (2) these have the Panchro look but clean edge to edge (even on giant sensors like the Red Monstro). (3) Combine this with TLS re-engineering and this might be the best and most rare set of Cookes…ever. https://www.cookeoptics.com

We’re excited to add these amazing and one of a kind lenses to our ever-growing lens arsenal!

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