Commercial Production


On Site Production Services


We cater to celebrity talent

Seventy 7 Productions is the most premiere production company in the area driven by a passion for storytelling and supported by a unique investment into technology. We are experienced and equipped to engage high-speed projects with our Phantom Camera, 360/VR projects (narrative and live) and of course any unique combination of projects with our Red or Canon systems including our Red Woven Carbon Fiber Weapon.


Seventy 7 Productions offers full service production, production services, animation and visual effects services.  All services rendered utilize top-of-the-line industry leading technology and equipment.


Every commercial is different – We are prepared to support any size production!

Online Promotional Videos

Lets face it, the world is not all broadcast anymore and we can help you maximize your marketing dollars in this new medium!

Short Film

Narrative and Storytelling are at the heart of every great piece. Our roots in short film and narrative filmmaking are steadfast!

Music Video Production

Arguably the most fun form of storytelling – Bringing music and images to maximize an artists work.


We have the resources to support any need!

Visual Effects

We have the resources to support any need!

Full Service Production

We can handle your production needs from concept to finish!